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Hung-Ren Hsieh>

Job Title Professo
Sustainable building planning and design
Building physical environment control
Cultural display facilities
Disaster resistant community
E-mail hrhsieh@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel +886-3-9357400 ext 7435


Chang-Tang Chang >

Chang-Tang Chang
Job Title: Lifetime Distinguished Professor
Research Expertise: Application and Development of catalyst and photocatalyst,Air Quality Planning,Control and Measurement of nanoparticles
E-mail: ctchang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7067 / 7068


Yuan-Shen Li >

Yuan-Shen Li
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Wastewater Treatment,Material Recirculation and Reuse,Low Carbon Sustainable planning,Environmental Education
E-mail: ysli@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7585


Hua-Wei Chen >

Position: Associate Professor
correspondence courses: general physics, material science, and mass and energy balance
Email: hwchen@niu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-3-931-7498


Hsiou-Hsuan Wang >

Position: Associate Professor
correspondence courses:
general chemistry, analytical chemistry, liquid crystal materials, optoelectronic materials, and
principle and application of surfactant
Email: sswang@niu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-3-931-7506


Hung-Ta Wu>

Position: Professor
correspondence courses:
Indoor Air Quality and Control
Gas Separation
Interfacila Phenomena
Tel: +886-3-931-7501


Yo-Ping Greg Wu >

Position: Professor
correspondence courses: thermodynamics, reaction engineering, environmental pollution control
Email: ypwu@niu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-3-931-7495


王宜達 (Wang, Yi Ta)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research : MEMS manufacturing、Energy Technology、Electric Fenton Fuel Cell、Material Surface treatment technology、Physical metallurgy、Material science、Material Electron microscopy 、Optoelectronic Engineering、Biomedical Technology Engineering
E-mail: ytwang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7457


陳正虎 (Chen, Cheng Hu)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research: Mechatronic Systems and Energy Saving Technologies、Design and Application High-Efficiency Motors
E-mail: chchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7475
personal webpage: https://sites.google.com/a/niuapec.co.cc/motor/


陳大智 (Chen, Da Chih)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research: Analysis of Mechanism、 Machine Vibration
E-mail: dcchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7464


方治國 (Fang, Chih Kuo)>

Job Title: Professor
Research : Tribology(Friction,Wear,and Lubrication)、Acoustic Emission、Machine Learning、Scanning Probe Microscopy、Taguchi  Methods、Failure Analysis(Corrosion,Wear,Fracture, and NDT)
E-mail: ckfang@niu.edu.tw
Office tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7461


Ying-Chih Chiu >

Ying-Chih Chiu
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Environmental Biotechnology and Application,Biosensor R&D,Green Energy
E-mail: ycchiu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7581


Hao-Hsi Tseng >

Hao-Hsi Tseng
Job Title: Assistant Professor
Research Expertise: Construction Management, Infrastructure Asset Management
E-mail: hhtseng@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7566


An Cheng >

An Cheng
Job Title: Professor and Chairman
Research Expertise: Cement Based Materials, Durability of Concrete, Corrosion Prevention and Control
E-mail: ancheng@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7557


Huei-Tau Ouyang >

Huei-Tau Ouyang
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Hydraulic analysis and computation, Real-time inundation analysis and forecast, River sediment transport computation, Submerged vane system
E-mail: htouyang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7540
Personal Web: http://pws.niu.edu.tw/~htouyang


Sao-Jeng Chao >

Sao-Jeng Chao
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Soil Liquefaction, Reinforced Soil, Mechanics of Concrete, Finite Element Method
E-mail: chao@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.:

+886-3-9357400 ext. 7538

Personal Web: http://qsp.niu.edu.tw/chaolab


Hui-Mi Hsu >

Hui-Mi Hsu
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Structures, Concrete Materials,Spatial Information System,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Construction Industry Arbitration
E-mail: hmhsu@niu.edu.tw
Ofice Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7441


Wei-Ting Lin >

Wei-Ting Lin
Job Title: Associate Professor
Research Expertise: Concrete Materials, Non-cement Blended Materials, Deep Geological Repository, Geotechnical Interaction
E-mail: wtlin@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7567